Eyeliner treatments are great for enhancing the eyes by adding winged eyeliner, bottom eyeliner, or lash enhancements. The eyes are a very sensitive area to work on, so the process will be slow and methodical in order to perform the most minute details on the eyelid. We will do a short consultation to explain post care, how to clean the eyelid after treatment, and what to apply to the eyeliner area to ensure the skin stays healthy after treatment. We can add a thin, medium, or thick line to this area based on preference.


Frequently Asked Questions

The cost for upper eyeliner is $449 and for lower eyeliner is $349. We do not include wings.

The pre care is no contact lenses to your appointment, and you must be off the lash serum for two weeks prior to coming in to your appointment. Please do not wear lash extensions or makeup to the appointment.

The post care includes healing ointment. Cleanse area with gentle cleanser morning and evening then apply a small amount of ointment until healed. Don't rub pick or scratch area. No contacts for 72 hours.

The pain level is virtually painless, however it is based on your pain threshold of 0-3. 

The eyeliner lash enhancement lasts up to one year and a full eyeliner can last up to three years based on lifestyle.

The contraindications are no eye infections, glaucoma requires a doctor’s note, and diabetes and health conditions must be under control.