The cost for microblading or powder brows are $800 which includes your first session and touchup. The cost for nano brows are $1000 which include the first session and touchup. The cost for combination brows which are microblade and shade are $900 which includes the first session and touchup. The cost can change if there is previous work on the skin.

The pre care instructions are to ensure the skin is free from blemishes, no skin conditions, and no retinols for 2 weeks.

The post care instructions include an aftercare kit to ensure the brows are protected from infection.

The pain level is 0-3 because we pre-numb the site prior to treatment.

Brow treatments can last 1-3 years based on your lifestyle. Sunscreen is recommended.

The contraindications are uncontrolled diabetes, actively in chemotherapy (or a doctor’s note), and no Accutane for 12 months.



The cost for upper eyeliner is $449 and for lower eyeliner is $349. We do not include wings.

The pre care is no contact lenses to your appointment, and you must be off the lash serum for two weeks prior to coming in to your appointment. Please do not wear lash extensions or makeup when you book an appointment or it will be cancelled and you will forfeit your retainer.

The post care is includes a kit which will help you keep the area clean, and healed within 7-10 days.

The pain level is virtually painless, however it is based on your pain threshold of 0-3. 

The eyeliner lash enhancement lasts up to one year and a full eyeliner can last up to three years based on lifestyle.

The contraindications are no eye infections, glaucoma requires a doctor’s note, and diabetes and health conditions must be under control.



The cost is $749 which includes the touchup.

The pre care is to moisturize your lips a week prior to the treatment and exfoliate with a lip scrub 3 days prior to the treatment.

What is the Post Care?

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The pain level is 0-5 depending on your pain threshold. 

Lip treatments can last for 1-3 years based on environmental factors.

The contraindications are to seek prescriptions for antivirals for a five-day prescription to help prevent any cold sore reactivation, and Accutane for 12 months.



The cost of SMP ranges from $1,000- $3,000 for treatment from the hairline to the back of the crown. There are four sessions included to ensure the longevity of your tattoo. We do offer financing if out of pocket costs are not feasible for you and you want to move forward.

In order to ensure excellent retention, we ask all clients to wash their head thoroughly to remove any dead skin or debris. 


We ask all clients to avoid the skin for a week during the healing phase by spraying aerosol sunscreen (SPF 50+) and a hat. Steer clear of the gym and or places that would cause unreasonable sweating.

The pain level is based on your pain threshold, however most clients state the pain is 0-2.

All tattoos fade based on your environment. On average, 1-3 years is the norm if you wear sunscreen and take care of your skin.

The only contraindications for SMP are heart disorders, auto immune diseases, pregnancy or breast feeding, Type 1 diabetes, epilepsy, allergies, keloid and hypertrophic scaring, skin cancer, blood thinners, photo-sensitizing drugs, and any skin conditions such as dermatitis or eczema. Hair transplant procedures need a minimum of 6-9 months to heal.